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Learn more about Marna's Pals, who we are and what we do.

Why did we start Marna's Pals? For Marna

The idea for Marna's Pals came after Marna passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in 2008. David Pal, Marna's son, was a Freshman at Rutgers University when she passed away and was fortunate to receive support from the University. When David graduated with no student loans, he realized how lucky he was and wanted to pay this forward by helping other students like him to afford to go to college. David recruited his friends and family to start an organization with this purpose, and Marna's Pals was born. Marna's Pals gives scholarships to students whose families have been affected by cancer.

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The Founding Board All NJ, all the time.

David recruited friends from South Brunswick High school and from Rutgers Unviversity who were living in Central NJ to help bring Marna's Pals to life. These friends helped to build the infrastructure that we still use today. In discussions with these members we set the scholarship criteria, started our first fundraisers and awarded our first scholarships. Pictured here are: David Pal, Erin Prendergast, Liz Diaz, Mehreen Ismail, Jessica Pritchard, Marissa Rodriguez, Brandon Druker, and Doug Pritchard at the Marna's Pals Launch Party Contact Us Here.

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And lastly, how to get involved. Volunteer. Donate. Spread the Word.

Marna's Pals is always looking for people to help with events, scholar recruitment and general sponsorships. If you think that you or someone you know is interested in helping to make college more affordable for a student whose family has been affected by cancer please reach out. Email dpal@marnaspals.com.

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